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Academically Talented Middle School Online Courses

Teacher directed by professionally licensed online instructors with a passion for student success.

Christ Centered

By the grace of God we dedicate this organization to serving and enhancing the lives of others. Teachers are devoted followers of Jesus with the skills to reach unique learners and exceptional students. Learn more about what makes us distinct.

Teacher Directed

A certified instructor will be in regular contact with your student, answering questions, grading assignments, offering feedback on progress, tracking grades on quizzes and tests, and communicating with families. Learn more about the Teacher Led approach.

Lots of Interaction

We are committed to a cohort model of education. Students are encouraged to learn together in an online community, depending on interaction with their teacher and with the students within their cohort, or group.

Easy to Use Technology

We deliver our courses in an asynchronous format using a secure learning management system, Moodle. This simple technology platform provides a vibrant canvas for engaged and meaningful learning without having to jump unnecessary technical hurdles to access it. Learn more here.

Engaging & Effective

Teachers develop multi-media curriculum and instructional methods in order to present concepts in a variety of ways. The online courses receive high marks from students, families and schools for their engaging style and thorough instruction.

Personalized Learning

Our online teachers accommodate a variety of learning styles as they teach using video and audio clips, manipulative materials, and online simulations. We provide courses to middle school students who are considered academically talented and highly motivated. Learn more here.

Take a Look Inside

Video Course Tour

Watch this 6:35 video tour of an Honors English course and learn more about the curriculum as well as the teacher directed approach to online learning

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CLC Network offers a Christ centered learning environment through online courses designed to meet a variety of educational needs

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Since 2006, the Christian Learning Center (CLC Network) has offered online courses to students who have unique learning needs. In some cases, middle school-aged students who seek increased academic challenge enroll in our courses.

  • Christ Centered
  • Academically Talented
  • Middle School Students
  • Teacher Directed
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Supportive Community
  • Powerful Academics
  • Easy to Use Technology

CLC Network Online Courses are not correspondence or self-taught courses. We emphasize interaction among learners and with teachers as together they explore new concepts and engage with new learning. Visit the FAQs page.

  • Secure Environment
  • Certified Teachers
  • Challenging & Engaging
  • Asynchronous Online

We work with your local school staff, as partners, to develop and integrate custom plans that build on each student's gifts, while still maintaining the integrity of your school's standards and norms.

  • 4340 Burlingame Ave. SW
    Wyoming, MI 49509
  • (616) 245-8388
  • info@clcnetwork.org


Hayley ReitsmaCLC Online courses helped to instill in me the type of critical thinking and creativity that has helped me excel in the high school classroom... It was a valuable experience that encouraged me to become a more driven, accountable, focused, organized student.
Hayley ReitsmaFormer West Side Christian Student
Watch this 1:07 video testimonial"
Kessel Family
Kessel Family
I have worked with CLC Network for over 25 years. CLC Network has always looked at each child as a unique image bearer of God. What that has meant is that programs are customized to meet the needs of each individual child rather than plugging the child into a program.
Bob Van Wieren
What I like about the online math is that you just work on it during math time or spare time, without the 5 hour explanations. It goes way faster, and you don't skip anything like you would in regular math. It is fun, too!
Phoenix ElzingaOnline Class Student

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